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Through an interwoven tableau of literature, art, and philosophy, Carruthers manages to forge a new ontological vision, pushing against an established way of being human in the natural world. ... The implication of Carruthers’ vision is a radical notion of what it means to create a new “self-world” relationship grounded in love.

Shelley McEuen, Review of Sustaining the West. The Goose 14:2 2016. Read more:


Other Publications, Research Reports, etc. (selected)

2021  The arts and sustainably flourishing futures: selected examples of projects, initiatives, organisations roughly 1970-present, focused on impact. A report for and contribution to SCALE/LeSAUT Policy Committee strategic planning. (unpublished) download

2014  “P” is for PRAXIS. A short paper for the ABCs of Multispecies Studies, an international symposium for the Multispecies Salon. Text:

2012   Cartographies sans Bornes: Maps without boundaries. In Canada's Raincoast at Risk: Art for an oil-free coast. Raincoast.

2012   Possible Worlds. In The Time is Now: Public Art of the Sustainable City. The Land Art Generator UAE. Page One.

2008   Through the Eye of the Heart: In search of a "deep aesthetics". Conference presentation (juried). Thinking Through Nature: Philosophy for an endangered world, June 19-22, 2008. University of Oregon .

2006   Mapping the Terrain of Contemporary Ecoart Practice and Collaboration. Canadian Commission for UNESCO (commissioned research report and preliminary paper for Arts in Ecology: A Think Tank on Arts and Sustainability

2006  PRAXIS: Acting as if Everything Matters. The ethics and transformative capacity of Ecological Art for sustainable futures: argument + analysis using 3 international case studies. Dissertation, Lancaster University

Reviewed Publications 

2022. Culturing Community: Nurturing Urban Biocultural Diversity in the Wild West. In S. Kagan (ed) Culture and Sustainable Development in the City: Urban Spaces of Possibilities. London/New York: Routledge.

2021. A Compass Rose for the Anthropocene – New Maps for Old: Transforming Cultures for Sustainable Futures. (Artist-initiated practices + policy change: a case study) In C. Cartiere and L. Tan (Eds.) Routledge Companion to Art in the Public Realm. London/New York: Routledge 

2003/2018   Returning the Radiant Gaze: Visual Art and Embodiment in a World of Subjects. (An ecophenomenological argument) Written in 2003, published without revision in The Goose 17:1

2015   A Subtle Activism of the Heart. In Sustaining the West: Cultural Responses to Western Environments. Wilfred Laurier University Press.

2013   Call and Response: Deep aesthetics and the heart of the world. In Aesth/Ethics in Environmental Change: Hiking through the arts, ecology, religion and ethics of the environment. (Further exploring the idea of "deep aesthetics") LIT Verlag.

2013    Always Coming Home. The SongBird project: Pioneering ecological social sculpture & sci-arts collaboration in Canada. The Goose 12/13.

2009   Intimate Strife: The unbearable intimacy of human-animal relations. In Leonardo's Choice: Genetic technologies and animals. Springer.

2006   Art, Sweet Art. Alternatives Journal 32

For a more comprehensive list, and to download, visit: Academia dot edu:

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