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Through an interwoven tableau of literature, art, and philosophy, Carruthers manages to forge a new ontological vision, pushing against an established way of being human in the natural world. ... The implication of Carruthers’ vision is a radical notion of what it means to create a new “self-world” relationship grounded in love.

Shelley McEuen, Review of Sustaining the West. The Goose 14:2 2016. Read more:


Other Publications, Research Reports, etc. (selected)

2021  The arts and sustainably flourishing futures: selected examples of projects, initiatives, organisations roughly 1970-present, focused on impact. A report for and contribution to SCALE/LeSAUT Policy Committee strategic planning. (unpublished) download

2014  “P” is for PRAXIS. A short paper for the ABCs of Multispecies Studies, an international symposium for the Multispecies Salon. Text:

2012   Cartographies sans Bornes: Maps without boundaries. In Canada's Raincoast at Risk: Art for an oil-free coast. Raincoast.

2012   Possible Worlds. In The Time is Now: Public Art of the Sustainable City. The Land Art Generator UAE. Page One.

2006   Mapping the Terrain of Contemporary Ecoart Practice and Collaboration. Canadian Commission for UNESCO (commissioned research report and preliminary paper for Arts in Ecology: A Think Tank on Arts and Sustainability

2006  PRAXIS: Acting as if Everything Matters. The ethics and transformative capacity of Ecological Art for sustainable futures: argument + analysis using 3 international case studies. Dissertation, Lancaster University

Reviewed Publications 

2022. Culturing Community: Nurturing Urban Biocultural Diversity in the Wild West. In S. Kagan (ed) Culture and Sustainable Development in the City: Urban Spaces of Possibilities. London/New York: Routledge.

2021. A Compass Rose for the Anthropocene – New Maps for Old: Transforming Cultures for Sustainable Futures. (Artist-initiated practices + policy change: a case study) In C. Cartiere and L. Tan (Eds.) Routledge Companion to Art in the Public Realm. London/New York: Routledge 

2003/2018   Returning the Radiant Gaze: Visual Art and Embodiment in a World of Subjects. (An ecophenomenological argument) Written in 2003, published without revision in The Goose 17:1

2015   A Subtle Activism of the Heart. In Sustaining the West: Cultural Responses to Western Environments. Wilfred Laurier University Press.

2013   Call and Response: Deep aesthetics and the heart of the world. In Aesth/Ethics in Environmental Change: Hiking through the arts, ecology, religion and ethics of the environment. (Further exploring the idea of "deep aesthetics") LIT Verlag.

2013    Always Coming Home. The SongBird project: Pioneering ecological social sculpture & sci-arts collaboration in Canada. The Goose 12/13.

2009   Intimate Strife: The unbearable intimacy of human-animal relations. In Leonardo's Choice: Genetic technologies and animals. Springer.

2006   Art, Sweet Art. Alternatives Journal 32

For a more comprehensive list, and to download, visit: Academia dot edu:

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