...relationships among humans, which we are accustomed to call ‘social’, are but a subset of ecological relations.

Tim Ingold (2000)

The Perception of the Environment


Over 3 decades I have been immersed in questions of how cultural practices and sensuous, embodied  human-environment and interspecies interactions might lead to more ethically sensitive and ecologically just human-world and interspecies relations. With an eye on Biocultural Diversity; acknowledging the inextricable enmeshment of nature and culture, I am best known for my work investigating  the role and impact of the arts in transforming "cultures of unsustainability" to cultures of sustainability.

This small website offers a view into some of the work in which I have been engaged over some 3 decades, as well as work in progress. (selected)

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CFP: Wild Animal Ethics
University of St Andrews
23-24 September 2021
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 this online journal strives to address the central issue of our time: how to halt and reverse our current ecocidal course and create an ecological civilization.
Global Dialogue on Biodiversity Law and Governance, Transformative Pathways to Living in Harmony with Nature
6-8 July 2021
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