to my personal site intended as an introduction to my 3 decades of research and practice focused on the cultural aspects of sustainably flourishing futures.

... never has the role of the arts been so urgent as it is in the face of what is now obvious to all as an immediate global crisis within our sustaining and environing world. Because this crisis has been and continues to be nurtured and produced by past and current cultural practices and ideologies, artists, immersed in world and cultural practices, are ideally situated to locate and develop responses.

2006 Report for CUNESCO - The Arts in Sustainability: Mapping the Terrain of Contemporary Ecoart Practice and Collaboration


CFP: Wild Animal Ethics
University of St Andrews
23-24 September 2021
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 this online journal strives to address the central issue of our time: how to halt and reverse our current ecocidal course and create an ecological civilization.
Global Dialogue on Biodiversity Law and Governance, Transformative Pathways to Living in Harmony with Nature
6-8 July 2021
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