Born and raised on Canada's wild West coast, in the unceded traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples, I am a researcher, writer, educator, and multimedia artist known for my investigations into the role and transformative capacity of cultural and creative practices in human-world and interspecies relations.

I am fortunate in having had an unconventional childhood that nurtured a wide-ranging creative and intellectual life. As an adult I have focused on the transformation of relationships between a humankind caught in the inertia and legacy of exploitive industrialism, and a fierce and wildly beautiful sentient world. I have pursued my enquiry into how best to nurture cultural transformation and change through a transdisciplinary approach bridging arts, humanities, and natural and social sciences. Since 2005, I have been developing the idea of deep aesthetics, which provides a flexible framework for thinking with and through experiences and interactions with world and being, and how cultures are informed, formed, and transformed by these experiences and interactions.

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work over some years as both student and colleague with the accomplished group of scholars and researchers of an early generative centre for work on the cultural aspects of human-environment relations.  From the late 1990s until its dissolution in 2006, Lancaster University's interdisciplinary Institute for Environment, Philosophy and Public Policy became known as the "green think-tank of Europe". This affiliation provided a rich ground for the growth of my work over the past 2 decades.


I am grateful too for the mentoring and friendship of my early teachers: media artist, writer, and Governor General Award holder, Sandra Semchuk, and painter Geoff Rees, whose work graced the first Rio Summit on climate change. Also, my graduate advisors at Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts + Technology, and at Lancaster's IEPPP: Merleau-Ponty scholars Dr. Susan Kozel, and Dr. Isis Brook.

Especially, I am grateful for the ongoing generous sharing and teachings of Coast Salish and Cree friends, colleagues, and communities, who help to better situate me in, and gain some insight into the vast knowledge of this place and it's embedded cultures.


Anthropology of Consciousness, American Anthropological Association

Environmental Humanities, Duke University Press

Geographical Review, American Geographical Society

Music & Arts in Action, University of Exeter

The Trumpeter, Athabasca University Press

Assessor: UNESCO UniTwin Program



The Trumpeter, Journal of Ecosophy


Canadian Society for Environmental Philosophy

International Society for Environmental Ethics

International Environmental Communications Association (Founding Member)

International Ecoart Network

Transdisciplinary Research + Practice 

The transformative capacity of the sensory aesthetic and the creative imagination

Digital Arts + Ecological Humanities

Merleau-Ponty's Ontology


Environmental Ethics

Sensory Anthropology

Phenomenological Aesthetics

Intercultural Philosophy

Multispecies Studies

Ecological Art 1970-present - its role in socio-cultural change; impacts and influences on environmental policy