"Sustainability" is the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on the Earth forever - John Ehrenfeld

A researcher, practitioner, scholar, and mentor in the transdisciplinary field of culture and sustainability, my work since the the late 1980s has focused on the role and capacity of cultural practices, including the arts, in transforming industrialised cultures - "cultures of unsustainability" - to "cultures of sustainability", aiming for what MIT professor emeritus John Ehrenfeld terms, "flourishing" futures. 

That work has been in researching, developing, and leading multi-sector collaborative initiatives that bring the power of the arts to upper-level conversations and strategies for attaining sustainable futures; initiatives that also invite and engage publics across cultures to bring diverse perspectives and public opinion to bear on policy change.


I also write, publish, lecture and teach internationally, developing and leading academic courses and professional workshops that bridge disciplines, professions, and cultures, bringing the creative imagination to collaborative processes pursuing responses to questions arising from the complex, "wicked" problems of climate change impacts, biodiversity loss, and local place-based challenges.

Born, raised, and dwelling in the unceded ancestral sovereign territories of the Coast Salish nations, I am immensely grateful for the insight and friendship of First Nations teachers and colleagues. I hold a graduate degree in cultural environmental studies across applied philosophy and the social sciences from Lancaster University's Institute for Environment, Philosophy and Public Policy (known at the time as the Green Think for Europe). Until 1997 I was also an internationally exhibited artist, having trained over decades with masters in Canada and France in the techniques and technologies of traditional fine arts, film photography, and computer interactive media. 

EDITORIAL ADVISOR: Canadian Journal for Environmental Philosophy/Le Revue Canadienne de Philosophie Environnementale (CJEP/RCPE)

SECTION EDITOR: The Trumpeter, Journal of Ecosophy (2016/18)


  • Canadian Society for Environmental Philosophy/ Société Canadienne de Philosophie Environnementale​  (CSEP/SCPE) Founding Member

  • International Society for Environmental Ethics

  • International Environmental Communications Association (Founding Member)

  • International Ecoart Network


Phenomenology + Applied Philosophy

Social/Cultural Anthropology

Environmental Ethics


Animism + Interrelationality in human-world + interspecies relations

Biocultures - using the idea of biocultures to understand the enmeshment of beings and places for reaching and sustaining a flourishing future for all life

The transformative capacity of "the arts" to generate substantive + lasting change in socio-cultural systems.

Multispecies Studies

Intercultural Philosophy


Anthropology of Consciousness, American Anthropological Association

Environmental Humanities, Duke University Press

Geographical Review, American Geographical Society

Music & Arts in Action, University of Exeter

The Trumpeter, Athabasca University Press

Assessor: UNESCO UniTwin Program